Welcome To Nucor Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Nucor, through the discovery of new compounds that are vital for medical progress and the launch of medicines that represent real therapeutic breakthroughs, is striving to meet the global challenge of fighting disease.


Focusing On What Really Matters

Through leading research and development, and high ethical standards, Nucor is focusing its resources on a prime objective that really matters: your health. As India’s healthcare challenges multiply and change character, so will our response: Nucor, will stay a step ahead, picking solutions that are therapeutically effective. Nucor, will strive to sustain its growth and remain one


NUCOR is a diversified global healthcare provider focussed on patient needs NUCOR is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of the world. We are present across the country, all united in the purpose of health. NUCOR has number of powerful assets to address the new context in the pharmaceutical market: Large scale presence, an extensive portfolio of prescription medicines, market leadership in vaccines, major biological products, generics medicines, and has a strong and long-established presence in both traditional and emerging markets. A key activity NUCOR BIOTECH is to provide updated medical information on its products, to healthcare professionals, which is in compliance with Indian regulations. All consumers or patients are advised to contact their doctor or healthcare professional for advice on medicines or any health matters. NUCOR BIOTECH also ensures continuous monitoring and management of the safety profile of all its products through its drug safety data collection, as pharmacovigilance remains a key activity in the assessment of the therapeutic value of products.